Revealing Advantage Agents: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Revealing Advantage Agents: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As an agent of a Medicare Advantage plan, I can understand the stigma faced by insurance agents. Fortunately, I am not suitable for the prototype of a stereotyped salesman for a car, but I know many agents who do it.

As the open record is almost complete and many people are opting to switch from Medicare Advantage to Medicare Advantage for 2020 at , I thought I could say my opinion about choosing the right agent, in case consumers want to separate the good, the bad & the ugly. A quality that separates agents is the method of generating leads and for those who work. Although makeshift calls have now become illegal, lots of health service providers of Medicare still locate persons whose numbers are not included in the exclusive mobile numbers and take time to contact the consumers who unknowingly are not needed.

If you receive a call from an agent and you do not know how they found your phone number, drop the call. This officer is violating federal law and we cannot say what that officer could do. Independent agents, that is, agents who work for all, are generally responsible for cold and contracted requests. This however does not imply that there are no independent agents who are reliable on the ground.

Amazingly, independent agents may be among the best in the industry, as long as they do not resort to withdrawals or cold calls. Why? First of all, most agents work in the main call centers or in the post office. If you work with a large call center, in thousands, you are just a customer. Agents that work for one provider cannot provide more than one offer. Never talk to an agent who only works for one supplier, because I can assure you that you will hear a sales imbalance, that all consumers, in all markets, must suffer. Independent agents do not encounter any of these problems. They are usually stipulated with several operators for your locality and have a sizeable customer base, thus making it one sure way to find the cheapest rate for a Medicare reload plan.

Disclaimer: Certain smaller call centers do not expand to a large extent and are a great place to shop around. Generally speaking, you need to stay clear of anyone who will not assist you in your purchase, that is, from someone who does not understand that you want to hear more than one option available. Agents that only offer one type of plan, especially plan F, cannot be considered reliable. “But I expected plan F to be the best plan?” In terms of insurance, you’re right; plan F is the most complete. However, in terms of commission income, Plan F is the most economical plan an agent can sell or promote for you.

If you talk to an agent who does not want to discuss other plans with you at any time, I can assure you that agent probably

  1. very greedy and nobody likes an insurance agent who is greedy or
  2. lacks experience at work.